When she calls the Superbowl “Falcons Day.”

Sun and Stars

Sun rising in the back.
Stars shining in the front.

Lose Lose

His hand came away stinging.

She howled up the stairs; tears streaming from her eyes.

He crumpled onto the stairs; tears falling from his eyes.

One Simple Rule to a Healthier Diet

Here it is:

Eighty percent of the time eat zero refined or processed grains.

Looking up!

Looking up!

The Boys




A story told with 873 stock photos

Is very cool.



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I dislike expectations. Especially high expectations. I don’t like having them, and I don’t like when other people have them.

When have high expectations led to anything good? Have high expectations of a movie? Of course you won’t like it as much. High expectations for a new love in your life? They’ll disappoint. Start to expect someone to do something? They’ll stop. The pressure of high expectations put on you by someone else just adds more weight for you to crumble beneath. It’s just never a good thing.

Now… low expectations are where the magic is at. Don’t expect much from someone or something, and you enable them to exceed your wildest dreams! I just can’t believe you went to all that trouble for me! I really expected this book to be horrible, but it really wasn’t too bad! When people expect very little of you, there’s no push to conform to or reach for their expectations. You’re freed! Free to experiment and have fun and do whatever your heart desires without fear of failure. When you start low, there’s just not far to fall.

The lesson? Set low expectations. Don’t expect much from others; empower yourself to do more and be pleasantly surprised when others exceed. Cultivate low expectations of yourself in others. Don’t brag and build yourself up. Downplay success and overplay failures. You’ll never look better than when people expect very little.

Hm. That doesn’t seem quite right. Too tongue in cheek? Too negative? Perhaps I’ve set too high of expectations on low expectations and too low of expectations on high expectations.

Uh oh.

Small > Big

There are not many big decisions in life.

It may seem that there are. That some big decision is a pivotal moment that forever alters the course of someone’s life. But it only ever happens like that in the soundbite or tagline.

What there are a lot of in life are small choices.

All of those small choices result in who you are and what you’re doing. Most big decisions are really just a culmination of small choices. Small choices are easy to make once (“I’m going to eat a salad for lunch”). But how many times can you make that small choice? And how many times does a big decision (“I’m going to eat healthier”) really just end up coming down to whether you can keep making the small choices. Every time. Day in and day out.

It’s not glamorous. And it’s not easy. But maybe if you remember that every small choice counts, then changing your life will be easier.