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South Park

Don’t forget! The new South Park Halloween episode is tonight at 10 pm EST on Comedy Central. Watch it.

Harsh Realm Canned

It’s over before it really even started. Chris Carter’s new series, Harsh Realm has been cancelled by FOX already. Chris blames FOX, of course. Also cancelled are Ryan Caulfield: Year One and Wasteland. Read about it.

Pentium III 700 Mhz

Well, it looks like Intel has felt the heat from the new AMD Athlon and is soon coming out with the PIII 700. Check out Intel’s site here. On another note, I wonder if Intel is ever going to come out with some RISC processors (this also means Microsoft would have to write Windows code for the different chip architecture). Apple did it about five years ago when they switched to the Power PC architecture which eventually spawned into the G3 and now the G4 (which BTW are a lot better at number crunching than the Pentium class because they do it at either 64 or 128 bits instead of 32).

Gas Prices

Yesterday, the price for a gallon of gas was $1.05. Today, as I drive by I notice a price tag of $1.26 per gallon. What causes a rise of 21 cents overnight? It seems so silly. Then, the price will drop a few cents every couple of days for the next few weeks until it’s low, then jump 20 cents in one night again. It’s been doing that for months. Who controls these prices? Fricken retards.

Here‘s a related article if you’re interested.

Tyson Fights Again

Wonderful. Mike Tyson is fighting again. I’m so sick of this guy. I’m sick of getting my hopes up about him, and then he bites an ear or hits some guy in the street. I don’t think he’s ever going to be better. Each time he gets released after doing something wrong, he and his publicists build up his ‘good guy’ image so the public will like him once again, and then he screws it all up by being himself. The only reason he still fights is because everyone around him knows he still has a little potential left to make money. He boxes because he’s so far in debt. He’s using boxing for money, and people are using him for money. Screw him. He’s yesterday’s news.

Read an article if you like.

Another X-Files Season

Why oh why? Why drag a wonderful show through the mud before it goes out the door? The newest episodes have been nothing compared to the older ones. They just seem to keep declining in quality. Don’t they realize this? I think maybe not when stuff like this is said,

“Oh, sure, we could come up with 22 stories … This is a very good TV show for generating stories,” Carter said.

He makes it sound like it’s so easy to come up with stories. I can believe it when all of the stories suck. Also,

“It’s one of those lucky, fortunate things that you come across all too infrequently, because good TV ideas are few and far between. I don’t want to see this one end before its time, but I also would never want to force it into being if people didn’t want to be here telling stories.”

Its time IS here. Kill it while you’re still ahead. The actors aren’t happy. The fans aren’t happy. Does anyone really ENJOY the show anymore? Or do you just watch because you always have? Kill it.

Source: Jam!

Passing Time

I’ve got Tekken Tag Tournament on the brain lately. I was once an arcade junky. Tekken 2 and 3 were my poison, with a bit of X-Men vs Streetfighter on the side. As the games got old, so did my interest in the arcade. However, the fuel has once again been flamed by my recent discovery of this new Tekken game. It is very fun. If you have played it or are curious about it, then go talk about it.


I was watching TV the other day and I finally saw the new Porsche Boxster S commercial (which BTW is a great commercial). I love Porsche’s and I think they make the best sports cars in the world. I’ll take a 911 turbo any day over a stock Viper or Vette. Check out my future car here.


YES!!! I just got free Red Wings tickets to the Sharks game tomorrow. Look for me on ESPN at 7:30.

NIN Demo Tapes

Have you got a rare musical talent? Are you a woman with a good voice and a different look? Or maybe a man with a woman’s voice and feminine features? If so, maybe you could be just the person NIN is looking for. They are now accepting submissions of demo tapes for the position of female vocalist. Check it out here on

Also, nothing records is looking for some new musical acts. They’re accepted demos for that also at the same address.

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