Whats up people? The flu has been beating the crap out of me for the past two days, but my body decided to open a can of whoopass on it this morning, just in case you cared. Anywho, I am currently in a network administration class at school and I needed to get some info on writing shell scripts (if anyone knows of any good sites that aren’t worded like yiddish, please e-mail me – thanks). So I decided to buy a book and unleash the power of my mind. I ordered ‘Learning the bash shell – 2nd ed.’, an O’Reilly and Associates book (the best computer books out there, BTW) online for $20 + $5 for shipping. The cool thing is that this book costs $30 at Borders or Barnes & Noble, and I don’t even have to drive up there. I just open my mail tommorow and *poof* – my book. Cool. Check out some other good deals at here.

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