McDonald’s Mastermind

Up until recently, McDonald’s has had a near flawless security record. It is the restaurant that other restaurants model themselves after. The rigorous physical and mental training, drilling of critical procedures in emergency situations, and self-sacrifice for the sake of the restaurant are all stressed to the utmost degree in the pre-employment training of all prospective employees. If the requirements are not met, then the person is not hired. Only those people that demonstrate the highest ability of verbal communication, coordination, politeness, and overall aptitude are taken onto the job, as is evident by the high quality of service obtained at these restaurants. However, this is no longer sufficient. Recently, several burglaries of McDonald’s restaurants have been linked back to the same man. This man, aptly named the “Roofman Robber,” cuts holes in the roofs of the restaurants and, at closing time, lowers himself into the locked building. He is able to somehow compromise and intimidate the highly trained staff, forcing them to hand over the money. He then locks them in the cooler and vanishes from the scene. He has successfully hit 35 restaurants leaving little or no clues behind, and there are no signs that indicate him stopping any time soon. Let’s just pray that he doesn’t start targeting Taco Bell.

Source: APBNews

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