Archive for October 19th, 1999

Passing Time

I’ve got Tekken Tag Tournament on the brain lately. I was once an arcade junky. Tekken 2 and 3 were my poison, with a bit of X-Men vs Streetfighter on the side. As the games got old, so did my interest in the arcade. However, the fuel has once again been flamed by my recent discovery of this new Tekken game. It is very fun. If you have played it or are curious about it, then go talk about it.


I was watching TV the other day and I finally saw the new Porsche Boxster S commercial (which BTW is a great commercial). I love Porsche’s and I think they make the best sports cars in the world. I’ll take a 911 turbo any day over a stock Viper or Vette. Check out my future car here.


YES!!! I just got free Red Wings tickets to the Sharks game tomorrow. Look for me on ESPN at 7:30.