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Another X-Files Season

Why oh why? Why drag a wonderful show through the mud before it goes out the door? The newest episodes have been nothing compared to the older ones. They just seem to keep declining in quality. Don’t they realize this? I think maybe not when stuff like this is said,

“Oh, sure, we could come up with 22 stories … This is a very good TV show for generating stories,” Carter said.

He makes it sound like it’s so easy to come up with stories. I can believe it when all of the stories suck. Also,

“It’s one of those lucky, fortunate things that you come across all too infrequently, because good TV ideas are few and far between. I don’t want to see this one end before its time, but I also would never want to force it into being if people didn’t want to be here telling stories.”

Its time IS here. Kill it while you’re still ahead. The actors aren’t happy. The fans aren’t happy. Does anyone really ENJOY the show anymore? Or do you just watch because you always have? Kill it.

Source: Jam!