Archive for October 21st, 1999

Gas Prices

Yesterday, the price for a gallon of gas was $1.05. Today, as I drive by I notice a price tag of $1.26 per gallon. What causes a rise of 21 cents overnight? It seems so silly. Then, the price will drop a few cents every couple of days for the next few weeks until it’s low, then jump 20 cents in one night again. It’s been doing that for months. Who controls these prices? Fricken retards.

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Tyson Fights Again

Wonderful. Mike Tyson is fighting again. I’m so sick of this guy. I’m sick of getting my hopes up about him, and then he bites an ear or hits some guy in the street. I don’t think he’s ever going to be better. Each time he gets released after doing something wrong, he and his publicists build up his ‘good guy’ image so the public will like him once again, and then he screws it all up by being himself. The only reason he still fights is because everyone around him knows he still has a little potential left to make money. He boxes because he’s so far in debt. He’s using boxing for money, and people are using him for money. Screw him. He’s yesterday’s news.

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