Archive for November 10th, 1999 Pays Back has started a new deal where people are rewarded if their is song among the top songs on the site. They call it “Payback for Playback.” The total amount of money being given out is $200,000, and the number one musician this month could expect a cut of $30,000. Sounds like a good plan to me. Check the source for more info.

Source: Live Daily

BubbleBoy Is Out

A new type of virus has been found. Typically, viruses sent through email are contained in attachments, and as long as you do not open the attachment, you are safe from infection. That doesn’t necessarily hold true any longer. A virus is going around, called BubbleBoy, that can be activated simply by viewing an email, whereupon a Visual Basic script is run. This virus itself isn’t a threat, but it’s a scary view of what may be coming. Check the source for more info about what it does, how it does it, what it affects, etc.

Source: Excite

Tom Green

I didn’t see it, but I guess during a Tom Green Show episode, a Canadian flag caught on fire and burned. Upon his return to Canada, Tom was worried that the citizens might have an uprising and pelt him with stones and random debris. Fortunately, nothing bad happened, so our friend is still around to make shows for us. So.. yeah. Anyway, if you’re a fan of Tom Green, check out this article. It has some good info about that episode, Tom, his show, their past and their future. Yup.