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South Park Women Lose Their Voice

Mary Kay Bergman, the woman that provides the voices for all but one of the female characters on South Park along with many other voices in different shows and films, has committed suicide. There was no note, so apparently there’s not yet a lead as to why she did it. Man… that’s really unfortunate.

Source: Excite


Okay. I’ve been on hold for 2 hours for Seagate technical support. First, I described the problem to a guy who transferred me. I sat on hold. I talked to the second guy, and he said he specializes in installation, which is not where my problem is. So he said he’d transfer me to the correct area with a priority rating so it wouldn’t take as long. Thanks a lot man. It’s been an hour, and I’m nowhere. At least I have 5 different music selections.. except the ‘classical’ one is the same thing over and over.

Hey.. did you ever notice that the bathrooms are full a lot more at or closely after lunch time?