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What Bathing Suit?

Don’t you hate when you go to the beach looking for a good view, but instead the bathing suits keep getting in the way? Well, don’t worry my friends, those pesky suits will trouble you no more. With these X-Ray Glasses, nothing can stand in your way. Check out the specs:

  • See through some type of material (mostly swimwear and many types of synthetic materials)
  • See through most dark windows even through dark sunglasses
  • Works indoors or outdoors
  • Can be used in low or bright sunlight (powerful isn’t it)
  • Adjustable exposure
  • Plugs right in to any VCR or CAMCORDERS with video input for portable recording
  • 420 Lines of resolution
  • Auto IRIS
  • Auto white balance
  • Also good in low light conditions (0.2 Lux rating)
  • Built in micro IR. chips
  • Built in IR. pass filters
  • Light weight
  • 1 year warranty

And then check out the pictures they show you at the site to try to persuade you purchase the glasses. Like this for instance,

I see this at the beach ALL of the time.

Gum Chewer

In my programming class, there’s this kid that sometimes sits behind me. He is always chewing gum. That’s not bad in itself, but on top of that, he breathes loudly (he’s kind of fat, so I assume he breathes heavily all of the time). So he’s chewing and breathing at the same time and you get this sort of noise: “huhm hhuuhhmm hmm huhm huhm”. It is extremely distracting. I try to disregard it, but it just doesn’t work. “Huhhhm hum huhhm muhhuhm…..”


Got a good, solid 3 hours of arcade time in today. It went quite well for a change. I’ve been cold lately. I averaged about 2.5 wins per 1 loss. The guy that usually beats me was not having much luck tonight. His Kazuya/Lee, Lei/Hwoarang, Yoshimitsu/Jin teams were no match for my Paul/Jin, Paul/King, and Paul/Hwoarang. Does anyone know what I’m talking about?