What Bathing Suit?

Don’t you hate when you go to the beach looking for a good view, but instead the bathing suits keep getting in the way? Well, don’t worry my friends, those pesky suits will trouble you no more. With these X-Ray Glasses, nothing can stand in your way. Check out the specs:

  • See through some type of material (mostly swimwear and many types of synthetic materials)
  • See through most dark windows even through dark sunglasses
  • Works indoors or outdoors
  • Can be used in low or bright sunlight (powerful isn’t it)
  • Adjustable exposure
  • Plugs right in to any VCR or CAMCORDERS with video input for portable recording
  • 420 Lines of resolution
  • Auto IRIS
  • Auto white balance
  • Also good in low light conditions (0.2 Lux rating)
  • Built in micro IR. chips
  • Built in IR. pass filters
  • Light weight
  • 1 year warranty

And then check out the pictures they show you at the site to try to persuade you purchase the glasses. Like this for instance,

I see this at the beach ALL of the time.

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