I had three exciting encounters on the road today.

The first was classic. It was just like you always see on a video or something. I was driving behind a car full of people, 4 or 5 of ’em crammed in there. All of a sudden their hood flies open and smacks against their windshield. They swerve a little before regaining their composure. I quickly moved to an outside lane and passed them. They were all moving their heads around wildly trying to see where they were going as they pulled off of the highway. It was funny.

The second was not as good. I was on my way to school on a 3 lane one-way road. I was on the right-most lane and had to get into the left-most lane. So, I flipped my signal on and started going left. I got into the middle lane and a guy that was a good distance behind me sped up and pulled into the left lane in an attempt to not let me over in front of him. There wasn’t much room until my turn, so I sped up also and got over in front of him. Then we had to wait for the red light to change. There were 2 cars in front of me. When it turned green he cut out to the right, sped around and cut over right in front of me. He was obviously more willing to sacrifice his vehicle to win this little confrontation, so I didn’t contest his cutting in too much. We parked in separate places, but I was looking for him as I walked to my class. I wanted to have a word with him. Dick.

The third was expected. I was turning right into the right lane of a two-lane road, and a lady was coming from the other direction turning left on the same road. For some reason, the stupid wench turned at the same time as me into the same lane that I was going into (despite my right of way and the fact that she was supposed to turn into the nearest lane). She kept going until she realized I was going the same way as her. She promptly slammed her brakes and started flailing her arms at me like she was being attacked by a swarm of bees. I got into the left lane, and she continued in the right lane. She pulled up next to me at a stop sign and was talking and giving me dirty looks. I just honked, smiled and waved. I forgive her though, you can’t expect to much more from women.

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