Archive for January 6th, 2000


What do you mean I’m not updating?

But no really, I’m not dead. I’m still just trying to find a direction or motivation. I’m kind of sick of reporting news. There are a hundred sites trying to do that same thing, and it’s not like we’re up to the minute news reporters. We get our news from places that got there news from some other place that got their news from some other place. We’re like 4th or 5th tier reporters. I’d rather be a news or content provider. I want to create original content and not just tell about things other people did. I have ideas, they just need to take shape.

So, that’s where I’m at. It’s likely that I’ll change my mind before too long. I may not. I guess we’ll see. If you have any ideas about it, lemme know. I’d like to hear. One thing that I am going to do though, is open up a place to share mp3s (most likely bootlegged, and not retail). I’m not sure what shape it’ll have yet, but it’s in the works.