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15 Minute Rule

I have a 9 o’clock class today. I got to class at 8:58, and the professor wasn’t there yet. Someone said that he missed a flight and was running late. So, we waited. At 15 after, I mentioned something about the rule. See, there’s this ‘rumor’ that has always gone around about a 5- or 10- or 15-minute rule, where basically if the instructor hasn’t shown up in that amount of time, then you can leave. I tried to look it up in the university documentation, but couldn’t find anything about it. Well, today a girl said that if the prof has a doctorate, then you have to wait 15 minutes, otherwise you only have to wait 10. She seemed confident about what she said, but does that make sense? Waiting longer for a doctor? Is it assumed that a doctor has more important things to do than a non-doctor and is thus justified in being later? I don’t know. I’m sure it will continue to be a mystery, to me at least.


I understand being grateful when someone holds open a door for you. I feel it’s proper to thank them for the kind act. But here’s something that makes a bit less sense. I was walking in a hallway and came up to a rather narrow doorway. I saw a group coming from the other direction, and I feared the doorway wasn’t wide enough for two-way simultaneous traffic, so I decided to step aside and let them through first. Well, each of them thanked me as they went through, which struck me as odd. Why am I being thanked? I suppose I understand. It makes a little sense, but not much.