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There’s two reasons I want to mention this article.

The first is that it’s dated January 14, 2000, and they’re talking about preparing for the France’s millenium celebration. This is the first talk that I’ve seen of people talking about 2001 as the new millenium. Let the hype begin all over again.

The second is this nice quote at the end. Some electronica musicians are being commissioned by the French government to compose four musical pieces for an art exhibition that will be part of the country’s millennium celebration. The music is supposed to coincide with the themes portrayed in the artwork. Richie Hawtin, usually known as Plastikman, describes it this way:

“They’ve brought artists and painting and sculpture together from hundreds of years ago to very, very current experimental artists, all showing how ideas and images of beauty have changed over the years,” he explains, “and also how it’s such a personal thing. Someone’s beauty can be another person’s, not ugliness, but something else.

“I find electronic music can cause a lot of the same emotion in people. A lot of people don’t understand it. It’s not for them. They think it’s an inhuman type of music. But to the initiated, they can see the beauty in it. Part of the reason I was asked to do this, I think, is to poke at that point. What is this music? Is this music? Is this one of the next art forms of the new millennium which will be seen as very beautiful? I’m very pleased to be part of it.”

Very well put.

Source: Wall of Sound

Young Norman

Heh.. here’s an interview with Norman Cook (fatboy slim for the laymen) from 1988. Take a look:

ha ha..

Check it out


Argh. I thought the whole room smelled like dead, rotting fish, but I was wrong. It’s just my area. What the hell? Some ass is trying to be funny I bet. I can’t figure out where the smell is coming from. It’s not the drawers or cabinets or shelves. It’s not from under or behind the desk. It’s not coming from the chairs. Hmm.. maybe it’s from the ceiling. This sucks.