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DeCSS Creator Charged

The suspected brain behind the software able to rip dvd’s has been charged. Read more. Is there a plan to change the encryption scheme now that this software is so widely available on the net? Would it be possible to change it now, with such a large installed base of players that use the old scheme? I bet you 8 bucks no one responds with any thoughts.


I got my tongue pierced. The guy did it a bit crooked though, so it’s in the center on the top, but a bit to the right on the bottom. As a result, the right side of my tongue is sore and painful and the left side feels fine. My biggest concern though is this weird sensation I get on the right side of the tip of my tongue when I make any vertical movement. It feels like a nerve is being plucked or something. And when I curl my tongue up, it feels like it’s being stretched or something. Anyone know if this is normal? I’m hoping it’s a result of the swelling and will go away when the swelling goes down. I took the barbell out for a while today. It does do the ‘nerve thing’ (as I call is) when the barbell is out, so I dunno. We’ll see how it goes. I’d give ya a picture, but my camera is in for repair. So, too bad.