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Priceline’s Gas

With the soaring gas prices, there may be some form of relief in sight. The ever-popular, which allows you to set a price for airline tickets, hotel rooms, etc., is planning on launching a program to allow people to set their own gas prices. This may allow us to get our gas for cheaper than $1.60/gallon. Although, they’re not launching the program until May, and by then, gas prices may have gone down to reasonable levels already. We’ll see. Check the article for more details about how it works.


Well, just to follow up with the test results from a few days ago. I got a 104% on the music theory test. That’s a pretty easy class for me. I got a 89% on the computer architecture class, which was a big surprise for me. I didn’t expect it to be that good. Plus, the majority of the class did so badly, that the professor is planning on adding some points to everyone’s score. So, that’s nice. I also had a multivariable calc test. I got a 17/20 on that one. Not too bad. I missed the question about which direction to go on the level surface of an implicitly defined 3 variable function to get to the top of the surface the fastest. Oh well, have class now. Bye.


I’m using my new computer to post this. It’s nice. You know the specs already, so I won’t repeat them. It’s in a much bigger case than I had anticipated. There’s 4 external 5 1/4 bays and 2 external 3 1/2 bays. There’s 3 internal 3 1/2 bays. The DVD drive has no tray that comes out. The CD slides in very much like most cd players in cars. I’m not sure if I like it, yet.

I bought a Sony CPD-G400 monitor. Very nice. At work I was using a fairly crappy 20-inch old Mitsubishi monitor. I then got a 21-inch Gateway monitor with a Sony tube in it that was much better than the Mitsubishi. Now I have this Sony, and it’s a LOT better than the Gateway. I was very surprised at how good it was.. brighter colors, crisper lines and text. However, there is a bit of a dark spot in the left corner and the right edge. I called the company I ordered it from, and they immediately and without hesitation said they would replace it. We’ll see how that turns out.

I got a Soundblaster Live! Platinum, but haven’t installed it yet. I’ll let ya know.

I’ll have pictures up soon. I don’t have the cord to get ’em on the computer with me.

Now, my little story. I picked up the computer on Tuesday, and I noticed that it looked a bit beat up. When I got it home and started opening it, I noticed it was all wet. The top and the top of the sides was wet. The packing slip that was in a plastic sleeve on top of the box was soaked through when I took it out. I opened the box. The boxes with the keyboard, mouse and speakers were setting at the top. These boxes were damp (which means at least some moisture had gotten inside the box). I could actually scrape off the surface of the box with my fingernail. I immediately called UPS, and they set up a damage claim thing for me. I was told someone would be contacting me. I finally talked to the lady today. She said that the company that I got the computer from only insured the shipment for $100. So, even if it was deemed damaged, UPS would only have to pay out $100. I then called the company. They said I could utilize the 7 day dead-on-arrival part of the warranty to make sure it works. So, I have 7 business days from Tuesday to determine if it was damaged. So far it seems to be running fine. I asked some people, and they seemed to think that moisture wouldn’t result in immediate damage only, and not damage that wouldn’t exhibit itself for a while. The computer was in a plastic bag at the bottom of the box, so it’s possible that it didn’t get wet at all. Does anyone have any experience or opinion on stuff like this? I’d love to hear it.

Okay, as hard as it is to pull myself away, I’ve got to finish my Diffy Q now. I’ll be back soon.

Damn Tests

I had a music theory test and a computer architecture midterm today. The music one went well, but I fear the results of the computer one. I was a bit desperate with some of the answers, and they came out sounding a bit stretched and embarassing, frankly. I can only wait and see.


How do you pronounce the word ‘extra’? I was standing in the shower this morning trying to figure out how to pronounce this word. Should it be “eks-tra” or “eksh-tra”? It seems that most people say ekshtra, but my thinking is that it should be ekstra. I mean, when is an ‘x’ pronounced with an ‘sh’? Let’s look it up…

Ok, it says, more or less, that it’s pronounced ekstra. So, now you know and have no excuse for saying it incorrectly.


Well, it was better than I thought it would be. But it was still plagued by the common X-Files problem (at least in my opinion): it built up the story for 55 minutes and then resolved it half-heartedly at the very end. I mean really, the sun came up at just the right time to save the deputy’s life? Weak. Also, I seriously doubt the deputy would have (or would have been allowed) to venture back out into the night alone after all he’d been through. But overall, a lot better than I’d expected.


The most useful thing that I got out of this article is that the NT in Windows NT stands for “New Technology”. I never knew that, but always wondered. There is other good stuff in the article, though, talking about Win 2000 and Win Me (Millenium Edition) and so on.


I’ve been kind of quiet lately. My tongue piercing didn’t work out. It was crooked (as I mentioned) and was bothering a nerve (I suspect). It was really tight on the bottom, and there was a very fine line of pain that went down the bottom, right side of my tongue. I went and saw the guy that did it, and he agreed that I should take it out. He’s gonna do it again for free though (if I decide to do it again) and give me some free jewelry for it (so I don’t have to buy the smaller stud for when the swelling goes down). So, right now I’m waiting for it to heal up.

My camera broke a while back. I sent it in a few weeks ago and got it back two days ago (joy). So, I’ve been taking a lot of pictures. My computer should be here soon. I’m waiting impatiently.

I’m still hooked on Tekken. I won a tournament last week. It was nice. I would detail it, but I’m sure you’re not that interested.

I’m gonna go now. There’s a little bit more homework standing between me and sleep.


Hey, I ordered my new computer. It’s an Athlon 650, 256 RAM, 27 Gig HD, Microstar 6167 MB, 10X DVD, some crap modem, some crap speakers, no sound or video or monitor. I’m picking those out myself and they didn’t have what I wanted. It was cheaper to order it built from these guys than to build it myself, ordering the parts from different places. Can’t beat that. I’m sure I’ll be more motivated to work on the computer when I have a new computer. Right now I barely touch one outside of work.

I won a Tekken Tag tournament. 🙂 All hail.



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