I’ve been kind of quiet lately. My tongue piercing didn’t work out. It was crooked (as I mentioned) and was bothering a nerve (I suspect). It was really tight on the bottom, and there was a very fine line of pain that went down the bottom, right side of my tongue. I went and saw the guy that did it, and he agreed that I should take it out. He’s gonna do it again for free though (if I decide to do it again) and give me some free jewelry for it (so I don’t have to buy the smaller stud for when the swelling goes down). So, right now I’m waiting for it to heal up.

My camera broke a while back. I sent it in a few weeks ago and got it back two days ago (joy). So, I’ve been taking a lot of pictures. My computer should be here soon. I’m waiting impatiently.

I’m still hooked on Tekken. I won a tournament last week. It was nice. I would detail it, but I’m sure you’re not that interested.

I’m gonna go now. There’s a little bit more homework standing between me and sleep.

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