Archive for February 21st, 2000

Damn Tests

I had a music theory test and a computer architecture midterm today. The music one went well, but I fear the results of the computer one. I was a bit desperate with some of the answers, and they came out sounding a bit stretched and embarassing, frankly. I can only wait and see.


How do you pronounce the word ‘extra’? I was standing in the shower this morning trying to figure out how to pronounce this word. Should it be “eks-tra” or “eksh-tra”? It seems that most people say ekshtra, but my thinking is that it should be ekstra. I mean, when is an ‘x’ pronounced with an ‘sh’? Let’s look it up…

Ok, it says, more or less, that it’s pronounced ekstra. So, now you know and have no excuse for saying it incorrectly.