Archive for February 24th, 2000


I’m using my new computer to post this. It’s nice. You know the specs already, so I won’t repeat them. It’s in a much bigger case than I had anticipated. There’s 4 external 5 1/4 bays and 2 external 3 1/2 bays. There’s 3 internal 3 1/2 bays. The DVD drive has no tray that comes out. The CD slides in very much like most cd players in cars. I’m not sure if I like it, yet.

I bought a Sony CPD-G400 monitor. Very nice. At work I was using a fairly crappy 20-inch old Mitsubishi monitor. I then got a 21-inch Gateway monitor with a Sony tube in it that was much better than the Mitsubishi. Now I have this Sony, and it’s a LOT better than the Gateway. I was very surprised at how good it was.. brighter colors, crisper lines and text. However, there is a bit of a dark spot in the left corner and the right edge. I called the company I ordered it from, and they immediately and without hesitation said they would replace it. We’ll see how that turns out.

I got a Soundblaster Live! Platinum, but haven’t installed it yet. I’ll let ya know.

I’ll have pictures up soon. I don’t have the cord to get ’em on the computer with me.

Now, my little story. I picked up the computer on Tuesday, and I noticed that it looked a bit beat up. When I got it home and started opening it, I noticed it was all wet. The top and the top of the sides was wet. The packing slip that was in a plastic sleeve on top of the box was soaked through when I took it out. I opened the box. The boxes with the keyboard, mouse and speakers were setting at the top. These boxes were damp (which means at least some moisture had gotten inside the box). I could actually scrape off the surface of the box with my fingernail. I immediately called UPS, and they set up a damage claim thing for me. I was told someone would be contacting me. I finally talked to the lady today. She said that the company that I got the computer from only insured the shipment for $100. So, even if it was deemed damaged, UPS would only have to pay out $100. I then called the company. They said I could utilize the 7 day dead-on-arrival part of the warranty to make sure it works. So, I have 7 business days from Tuesday to determine if it was damaged. So far it seems to be running fine. I asked some people, and they seemed to think that moisture wouldn’t result in immediate damage only, and not damage that wouldn’t exhibit itself for a while. The computer was in a plastic bag at the bottom of the box, so it’s possible that it didn’t get wet at all. Does anyone have any experience or opinion on stuff like this? I’d love to hear it.

Okay, as hard as it is to pull myself away, I’ve got to finish my Diffy Q now. I’ll be back soon.