Archive for February 25th, 2000

Priceline’s Gas

With the soaring gas prices, there may be some form of relief in sight. The ever-popular, which allows you to set a price for airline tickets, hotel rooms, etc., is planning on launching a program to allow people to set their own gas prices. This may allow us to get our gas for cheaper than $1.60/gallon. Although, they’re not launching the program until May, and by then, gas prices may have gone down to reasonable levels already. We’ll see. Check the article for more details about how it works.


Well, just to follow up with the test results from a few days ago. I got a 104% on the music theory test. That’s a pretty easy class for me. I got a 89% on the computer architecture class, which was a big surprise for me. I didn’t expect it to be that good. Plus, the majority of the class did so badly, that the professor is planning on adding some points to everyone’s score. So, that’s nice. I also had a multivariable calc test. I got a 17/20 on that one. Not too bad. I missed the question about which direction to go on the level surface of an implicitly defined 3 variable function to get to the top of the surface the fastest. Oh well, have class now. Bye.