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Fatboy’s New Album Cleared Up

Well, he’s gotten back to me, and he was referring to possibility number 1. That is, the US release of his Boutique mix.

On another note, I have since received both “Fatboy Slim’s Greatest Remixes” and “The Fatboy Slim/Norman Cook Collection.” I’m disappointed to say that I’m not too impressed with either. There is NO new material as far as I am aware. I’ve already heard 75% of the stuff on them, and the stuff I haven’t heard, I’m not too impressed with yet. It’s likely that this will change as I listen to it more. I’ll keep you updated.

Fatboy Slim Album

I received an email today advising me to check Low InCom. I went and was greeting with this message in very large and excited letters:


Now, I don’t know what exactly he was referring to when he said that, but let’s try to figure it out :). He may be referring to the new mix cd “On the Floor at The Boutique. That’s not really an album. It’s really just a recording of one of his DJ sets. Very few of the songs on the cd are by him, they’re just mixed by him. It’s also not exactly new. It’s just now coming to the States. So, it’s not really an album (although it is very good and I recommend getting it, I got an import of it a while ago). There are two other possibilities, but I didn’t see mention of these on the site linked to as the source of his info. It could be “Fatboy Slim’s Greatest Remixes,” a collection of remixes that Fatboy has done that has just recently come out. Again, I don’t consider this an album. The last possibility is “The Fatboy Slim/Norman Cook Collection,” a newly released (I believe just this week in fact) compilation of a bunch of Fatboy’s older, and in his opinion I assume, better songs and remixes. This isn’t really a new album either because it’s not new stuff and it has a lot of remixes on it. So, which did he mean? 🙂 Or, maybe he’s not talking about any of these, and there actually is a new album! Maybe! Come on man, tell us!


I think people that wear t-shirts that say “I Am Awesome” in tye-dye lettering should be charged with false advertising.

Tom’s Testicles

Tom Green has been diagnosed with cancer, cancer of the testies. He’s had one operation already, and doctors say after a second one, he’ll be fine. He just needs to relax and rest for a while, which means no new Tom Green episodes (damn cancer! damn it straight to hell!). Oh, and did you know that Tom is dating Drew Barrymore? I didn’t.

Source: Excite


The power is getting shut off at my work for a while today for repair because some guy got half-cooked yesterday. Exciting. is a website that allows people to take web and graphic design, advertising, multimedia and e-commerce courses online. For most of the classes, there’s no set class time or date, you just go through the courses at your own pace (which isn’t always a good thing in my case because I’m often not motivated enough to do it if I don’t have to). It sounds really nice in theory, but I don’t know for sure how well it works. Does anyone have any experience with this place at all? I’d be interested to know what people think. They offer a Design IQ Test which isn’t too great, but is still kind of neat. For instance, do which conveys the most meaning to the viewer: patterns, colors, shapes, or letters? (Do you agree with their answer?)


Most of you probably know, Microsoft is coming out with a gaming console named the X-Box.

The X-Box, a videogame console based on PC components including an x86 chip and the Windows 2000 kernel, is Microsoft’s take on a single platform with a common architecture for the next generation of content.

I have at least one problem with it. That is, I am not fond of using the archaic x86 architecture. I’m sure they know what they’re doing and will be able to optimize it accordingly, but it still automatically strikes me as old/slow and the only reason the PC market holds on to it is for compatibility reasons. That may not be 100% accurate, but that’s the impression I get. They say the reason they went with x86 is this,

“Our goal is to enable developers to create better console games faster,” Bacchus said. “We wanted to give developers a platform they understood and was well supported so they didn’t have to learn the quirks of the platform.”

That definitely does make sense, and must be a good enough reason for them to stick with it. There’s plenty of time left before it makes it close to hitting shelves (it’s scheduled for Fall ’01), so we’ll see what happens. Check the source for more details.

On a side note, Wired must have just changed their layout cause it’s different now and it wasn’t last time I saw it.

Source: Wired

UPDATE: Gamespot has a nice story concerning the X-Box.

Dial It

This is funny, and may stick in your head for a while as it did me.

Call: 1-800-578-1453

Don’t worry. It’s toll-free, cost-free, not in bad taste, etc. (Thanks to Mr. Cowart for this one)

UPDATE: It appears as though the number no longer connects to anything. Did anyone actually get through before it went off? I should have recorded it…


I was about to leave Wired’s site when I caught a blurb about ‘headgear’. I thought they meant portable computers utilizing headgear as a display device, but when I clicked the link, I discovered they were talking about dental headgear. Well, to make it short, there’s new headgear that monitors how long patients where the gear. This allows dentists to better motivate and monitor kids’ progress through the use of headgear (haha.. I had to wear that before. I wore it about 1/3 of the time I was supposed to, and the dentist always said my teeth were doing great and I must be doing a good job wearing the ‘gear’). Anyway, the one thing that made the article worth reading was this statement:

“He’s the father of headgear,” Jacobson said.

That’s so funny. Just imagine a bunch of guys that work with headgear all day long idolizing a guy as being the ‘father of headgear’. Well, it makes me laugh anyway.

Source: Wired

St. Patrick’s Day

Well, I’m not wearing anything green, but I’m carrying around green pop. Does that count?