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More Playstation2

Well, it seems the launch was successful. Here are some reports concerning the launch and the product:

DailyRadar – this is a good review
IGN – I dunno, I just don’t like IGN much
USA Today – I like this one cause it says, “Why all the fuss over a video game?”

And there’s a nice write-up with pictures at Oohh.. I’m jealous.

64MB Video

Nvidia has announced that their GeForce will now be available with 64MB of DDR memory. Wow, that’s a lot. However, it’s only available when purchasing a new computer from Dell (at least for now). That’s kind of funny because I was just pricing systems at Dell and noticed their 64MB card that I’ve heard nothing about. Then, I starting seeing articles about it surface. I wonder why they chose to distribute it through Dell like that? Anyone know?

Source: GameSpot

Dow Dives

The Dow Jones took a massive hit today. Three hundred and seventy some odd points down. (Excite) However, Internet stocks were up. Check out The Contrarian for some quality talk concerning that. (that link changes daily, so by tomorrow it won’t be about internet stocks anymore I imagine) I have one internet stock, although it always seems to move contrary to the others. We’ll see soon how it did.