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I guess this was announced last October, but I heard nothing about it until a guy was talking about it today. CBS is sending 16 people to a tropical island near China in an effort to win $1 million. Sixteen people will be sent to this remote island with nothing but 1 item and the clothes they’re wearing. One person at a time will be eliminated every 3 days for 39 days until only one remains. That persons wins the $1 million. Each 3 day chunk will be turned into 1 hour of footage that will be broadcast on CBS later in the year. Sounds cool to me. I’ll watch it. Look to CBS for more info.


One time we were driving from Detroit to Windsor through the Detroit-Windsor tunnel (aptly named), and we started joking about how the tunnel was constructed. We all came up with ideas and laughed at the stupidity of some of them, but I don’t think any of use truely knew how it was done. Now I know, thanks to this Discovery feature about different tunnels and tunnel building techniques. Quite fascinating if you ask me. The ‘tunnel special’ is airing tomorrow at 8pm on the Discover Channel. This is how the Detroit-Windsor tunnel was built, by the way:

Engineers dug approach tunnels using the shield method, but relied on the immersed tube technique for the bulk of the underwater portion. Barge crews dug an 85-foot-deep trench in the riverbed from shore to shore. Then they dragged nine 250-foot, 8,000-ton steel and concrete tubes into place over the trench. Divers lowered the watertight tubes into place in the trench and bolted the sections together. Workers finished off the interior of the tunnel by hand with 200,000 porcelain tiles.

I think that was one of our guesses actually.

Detroit Date Rape Death

Three guys have been found guilty of manslaughter for slipping GHB into a girls drink. The girl died, obviously. In case you don’t know,

GHB is a colorless and odorless drug that can make a victim unconscious within 20 minutes. Victims frequently have no memory of what happened and the drug is difficult to trace, often leaving the body within 24 hours.

It has been linked to at least 58 deaths since 1990 and more than 5,700 recorded overdoses, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration. In 1990, the FDA banned GHB for public sale, and a 1998 Michigan law made possessing the drug a felony.

This is one of the nation’s first cases involving death linked to the this drug, and may set a precedence for more. Follow the source link for more detailed information. Actually, a girl I know was poisoned in this manner. She fell into a coma as a result. Goes to show you that you’ve got to watch your drinks.

Source: Nando Times


I got a third monitor. It’s the worst one yet, heh. The color is a bit better, but the text is not nearly as crisp as on the other two, especially in the top corners. It’s painful. Anyway, they’re gonna ship out a fourth one. This time they’re looking into shipping it a different way to avoid possible damage. Cross your fingers.

By the way, my stock didn’t move a bit. It just sat there like a stubborn mule. It needs a good kick in its ass.

Do I Need Subjects?

I got to work with a really nice machine the other week. It was a dual PIII 733, 256M RDRAM, 18 gig 10,000RPM SCSI HD, 3D Labs Oxygen something-or-other video card, and the other stuff. It was very speedy. I was setting it up for a guy. Normally when I’m getting computers ready, I start an install of something and go work on some other machine for a little bit. With this machine, it was done with everything so fast, I didn’t have time to do anything else. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to do anything fun with it. And that’s a shame because I probably won’t get to touch a machine like it for a bit.

What? You say that’s nothing? Then tell me what you use so I can drool in jealous agony.


I hope she doesn’t read this. She wears tight jeans with high-heels WAAY too often. It’s too dumb to wear once, let alone 4 days a week. She thinks she’s some sort of queen, or at least that she should be treated as such. She’s manipulative and uncooperative (read bitchy). Anyway, what set it off today was this. I was carrying two arms full of computer equipment out to my car, and we met each other in an aisle. Instead of moving out of the way for me, she stood there in front of me, like she wanted me to get out of the way. To say the least, I didn’t. I stood there staring at her eyes until she stepped aside with an irreverent, “oh”. She didn’t seem to pleased by my inconveniencing her. Poor her. What a wench. (And if you are reading this, I’m just kidding. You’re actually quite personable.)