Archive for March 16th, 2000

There’s something about that site that I just don’t like. It just looks kind of ugly to me. I think a big part of it is the odd green color and the way the very fine horizontal lines gradient away at the bottom, ya know? Or do you like it? Maybe I’ll like it if I stare at it more…


I ordered 8 cds from Amazon. Six of them were ready to ship for a week while the other 2 were still on order. I finally just decided to have those 6 shipped. I got a compilation of stuff off of the Studio K7 label (it’s called Offering, anyone familiar?), stuff by Paperclip People, E Dancer, Cirrus, Pete Namlook and Klaus Schulze, and Alex Gopher. It’s basically all electronic music of varying genres. Does anyone recognize any of it? Or have an opinion on any of it? Would anyone be interested in my recommendations/reviews of this or other music? I wouldn’t mind doing it, but would like to know if people wouldn’t mind reading it.

4th Monitor

I got my fourth monitor today. I think it’s the best thus far. There were some color problems when I first turned it on, but they faded away as it warmed up. There still some shading on the right side, but it’s not bad comparatively. I was quite delighted that I finally got the keeper when I noticed a dead pixel in the lower left center of the screen. Argh. What should I do? It’s just one pixel, and yet, it’s one pixel. There should be no dead pixels, but it seems so hard to get a monitor that’s reaching its potential. Anyone want to give me some insight? I know the company will send another one out, but I don’t know if it’s worth it to keep trying.