I was about to leave Wired’s site when I caught a blurb about ‘headgear’. I thought they meant portable computers utilizing headgear as a display device, but when I clicked the link, I discovered they were talking about dental headgear. Well, to make it short, there’s new headgear that monitors how long patients where the gear. This allows dentists to better motivate and monitor kids’ progress through the use of headgear (haha.. I had to wear that before. I wore it about 1/3 of the time I was supposed to, and the dentist always said my teeth were doing great and I must be doing a good job wearing the ‘gear’). Anyway, the one thing that made the article worth reading was this statement:

“He’s the father of headgear,” Jacobson said.

That’s so funny. Just imagine a bunch of guys that work with headgear all day long idolizing a guy as being the ‘father of headgear’. Well, it makes me laugh anyway.

Source: Wired

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