IE 5.5

Been a long time since the last post, what with the tournament and school ending for the semester. Be patient :).

A quick note before I have to head out. I’m sure most of you that care about this, already know about this, but here goes:

The new Internet Explorer 5.5 has been deemed inadequate by the web’s standards body for its support for Internet web standards by the Web Standards Project. The beta version of the browser fails to use important protocols such as HTML 4.0. Doh!

Microsoft’s new browser introduces proprietary new technologies but will not follow the new HTML and Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) standards many sites currently employ. By contrast, Netscape’s newest browser, version 6.0b, adheres to all Internet standards.

The move by Microsoft, whether intentional or not, forces web designers into a conundrum, since Explorer is used by a large majority of web surfers and designers must take this into account.

Internet Explorer is expected to be bundled with the upcoming Windows Millennium operating system from Microsoft, barring any federal rulings to the contrary.

This is very frustrating. I wish I had more time to elaborate on my thoughts, but I’m rushed at the moment. I don’t know, but I do have to go.

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