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I don’t think anyone even reads this anymore, but I have something to share. My birthday is today. At 3:26 AM.. about 5 minutes ago. I bought my first drink at a bar tonight. The guy sold it to me before midnight, so technically I was still 20. He was cool, though. So actually, it wasn’t quite legal. I wanted to share my first legal drink with the people closest to me. I spent this first drink with friends, but not the people closest to me right now. But since this wasn’t a legal drink, I still have the chance to have my first legal drink with the people that are most important in my life right now. That’s tonight, hopefully. Anyway, the first drink that I purchased at a bar was a Newcastle Brown Ale. It was rather good. Especially compared to the draft beer I had after that. Tonight was fun, albeit not what I had hyped the moment up to be, but still fun. I was able to hang out with friends that I haven’t seen in a while. I hope tomorrow only sees the fun grow greater.

TTT Soundtrack

I’ve taken quite a liking to many of the songs from the game Tekken Tag Tournament, especially the PS2 version. Other people have expressed an interest, also, so I thought I’d give them a chance to hear some of the music. So, if you’re interested, you can find it over here.


Heh.. our company got hit by the ‘love’ virus today. It made for quite an interesting morning and afternoon. Five people executed the attachment, killing most of the images on their machines as well as many on the network. One guy ran the thing about 4 times before he gave up. Oh well. Read more about the virus here.

Muahaha. Twenty days without running into anything compelling enough to make me run to a computer and write about it. Does everyone like the old man?