What the…?

I don’t really have anything to say, but I feel like I need an outlet. I need to talk to somebody, and since no one is around, this is the next best thing. I won’t talk about what’s on my mind the most. Instead, I’ll talk about other things that are going on in my life in an attempt to distract my mind into feeling more comfortable about the stuff I don’t want to talk about. Wait, now it knows my plan. What the hell, let’s try anyway.

My camcorder was delivered last Tuesday, the day I left for Chicago. So, I was in Chicago for a week thinking about my new camcorder that was sitting at home. I’m a bit unhappy with the company that I bought it from. After I placed the order, I called them back to get the shipping address changed from the billing address (my house) to my work address. The guy I talked to took my work address and stuff, but the package was somehow still delivered to my house. It said ‘Signature Required’ on the box, but it was left on my doorstep without getting a signature. The box was barely taped shut. It was almost coming open. Fortunately, it seems everything in the box is well and intact. I got a Sony Digital8 camcorder, and I’m here to say that what everyone says is indeed very true. In low light situations, the picture is disturbingly grainy. I called a Sony tech about it, and he referred me to a Sony place about an hour from my house that I could take it to to get it checked out. I suppose it’s possible that mine got damaged somehow and is extra grainy. The tech seemed to think it was unlikely but possible. I’m going to show it to some other people to see what they think before I run it to that place. However, when there’s enough light, it looks really nice. The problem is that most of my shooting will be in indoor situations that aren’t extremely well lit. I guess we’ll just see how this works out. Anyone have any ideas? Does anyone know exactly why it’s so grainy? I’ve been told that it’s a problem the plagues Sony camcorders of all levels (consumer level to professional), and doesn’t affect other brands of camcorders as much. I ask, why?

I finally got my computer up and running. I think I told you before, it’s an AMD 700, etc. It was having problems seeing the modem, but I reran all of the motherboard updates, and it then worked fine. I just need to get the network card, the sound card and the 1394 card in there, and I’ll be set. It’s so big. I need to get a picture up.

What else.. what else. My car is named Tikk. It’s a long and very funny story. I may tell it later. I’m back from Chicago, for those that didn’t know. I’m going to North Carolina in the beginning of July. Then I’m going back to Chicago I think 3 times n July and August. Twice because of my cousin’s wedding and once for an arcade tournament. I may talk about my Chicago trip more later, but I’m not in the mood now.

Well, the plan didn’t work. I still want to talk about the situation most pressing in my mind. However, I fear that this is not the best place for me to do it. I think I might tell Word about my situation. Word is always such a good listener.

Hope everyone is well. Bye, folks.

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