21, continued

This story should be dated Sunday, June 4th. I don’t know why it changed.

I guess I can finish up this little story for the 1.1 people that might be viewing this. My first legal drink was one I did not even purchase. It was given to me by my brother as a birthday gift; a six-pack of MGD. It was very tasty actually. And, fortunately, the most important person in my life was there to share that with me. My family was there also, so it was a bit odd drinking in front of them while they snapped photos. The evening was spent at Gameworks. Are you familiar with what that is? I would never have thought to go there, but one quick thinking girl friend of mine came up with the idea, much to my delight. It was quite fun. Three friends drove down with me, and I met two others there. We came back at about 1:30. Two of us were sloshed, one was a bit tipsy, and the driver was straight. The two of us in the back seat wanted doritoes the entire ride home. The driver wouldn’t stop, that bastard. So, when I got home I collapsed on my bed (on top of all of my birthday gifts) and started munching on doritos until I fell asleep with a pile of dorito bits below my mouth and my hand in the bag. It was a night I will remember. Perhaps not for exactly what happened, but more for the fact that these people spent that time with me at a place they may not have really wanted to be. I thank you if you’re reading this. My brothers were supposed to ‘initiate’ me the next night by dragging me around to the bars of the town, but they were too tired from shingling a roof. They said they’d do it later. I’m gonna hold ’em to it (yeah you).

I’m in Chicago now. I go back home tomorrow (well, today I guess). It’s 3:50 here. Which means it’s 4:50 according to my body. So tired. We played about 6 games of Settlers of Catan today. I talked about that game before, does anyone remember?

We say MI2 the other day. I thought it was laughable. A friend of mine here in Chicago thought it was great. He’s a big Woo fan though and liked all the choreographed (and very silly IMO) fight scenes. I guess it’s an acquired taste or something.

Ok, gonna sleep now. My camcorder came in last week. The excitement.. zzz.

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