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I’ve used this site as a source for finding mp3s for a while, and it’s been excellent. They’ve been promoting their Scour Exchange program for a while, which I haven’t tried yet. Now, it seems that they’re pulling this stunt to get people to try this program. If you go to their site, all you get is this stupid screen that says “We’ve maxed out our bandwidth!” I have a really, really hard time believing that their ‘bandwidth is maxed’. It seems to me to be a nice little ploy to get people to download their program. It may be just me, but this makes me want to download much, much, much less. Dumb bastards.

Multi-Lingual Sites

Does anyone know about or have experience with creating sites in different languages? What does it require? Is it difficult or tricky? For example, how would one go about creating a chinese site from an american machine? Would I need that character set or …? Any info would be great.

Hong Kong’s Finest

This is an ICQ dialog between a friend of mine and some girl from Hong Kong:

v: i am a female,i am 18
Sideburn: I’m 20..what country are you in?
v: H.K.
Sideburn: Wow!
v: u no chinese
Sideburn: not at all.
v: give me some example………….
Sideburn: I don’t know chinese.
v: ….?????????so cheap
Sideburn: Cheap?
v: i so u cheap ,but u dun no cheap what ,so u are very cheap,i say your under is cheap
Sideburn: Your’e confusing me.
v: dun say something like this
v: u are so ………i think your penis is very big
Sideburn: what?
v: what ? u dun no what means penis
Sideburn: I know what penis means.. How do you know I have a big penis? you don’t make any sense. you have an IQ of a 2 year old.


It’s definitely a work in progress. Give me a little time.


My workplace is such a fiasco. It’s almost laughable. In fact, I was laughing today.


I finally got my computer home. I’ve had it at work up until now. I didn’t realize how much I missed staying up late doing things on the computer. Now, instead of sleeping, I’m going to make music and images and videos and websites. Ahh… it feels good.

Cheez-It Snack Mix

Do you know what the best part of Cheez-It snack mix is? It has cheez-its in it. Do you know what the worst part of Cheez-It snack mix is? It has other stuff besides cheez-its in it. I just pick out the cheez-its and then am disappointed that I have to eat the other stuff too.

Scary Movie

This movie was a lot better than I thought it would be. There’s very few very stupid things. It’s full of very well done spoofs and unexpected, edgy humor. Very nice, wanna see it again.