Hong Kong’s Finest

This is an ICQ dialog between a friend of mine and some girl from Hong Kong:

v: i am a female,i am 18
Sideburn: I’m 20..what country are you in?
v: H.K.
Sideburn: Wow!
v: u no chinese
Sideburn: not at all.
v: give me some example………….
Sideburn: I don’t know chinese.
v: ….?????????so cheap
Sideburn: Cheap?
v: i so u cheap ,but u dun no cheap what ,so u are very cheap,i say your under is cheap
Sideburn: Your’e confusing me.
v: dun say something like this
v: u are so ………i think your penis is very big
Sideburn: what?
v: what ? u dun no what means penis
Sideburn: I know what penis means.. How do you know I have a big penis? you don’t make any sense. you have an IQ of a 2 year old.

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