Archive for August 1st, 2000

Media Player 7

I really dislike Windows Media Player 7. I’d been hesitant about upgrading to it since I noticed it’s release a week or so ago. I decided today to go ahead and try it. I ran into none of the installation problems that some others were complaining about. My problems started after. My first (and biggest) problem is that this program is a slow-ass pig of a program. It takes forever to start on a P2-400 with 128M. When you minimize, it takes forever to restore it. The window pops up, but the controls take seconds to appear. It takes seconds to go from one media file to the next. It’s just WAAY to slow doing everything. Another problem I have with it is that you can’t fast forward through ASF files (a compression format for video files). In Media Player 6, it was a little slow, but you could still do it. It’s not possible at all in this one. Those two problems have made me decide to get rid of it. I’m going to try to go back to 6 tomorrow. I guess I’ll let ya know how it goes.