Archive for August 8th, 2000

Stupid Upgrades

When I did that Media Player update, I also updated to IE 5.5, which was a mistake I think. IE 5.5 is much slower. It takes a good 10 seconds to start. It also seems that the whole system takes longer to do anything, although I may just be looking too hard. It renders some things differently (not better in my opinion) than IE 5.01, which is a bit disappointing to me. I don’t dare try to uninstall it. Windows would get pissed and just burn all my hardware up. Which leads me to my Media Player uninstallation. After the uninstallation, it restarted. I got an illegal operation. Media Player wouldn’t start. I restarted. No illegal operation and Media Player starts. However, Adaptec Cd Creator is screwed up. I reinstall that, and it seems to work fine. Everything seems fine now, but who knows what it left behind. It wasn’t too bad really, just a tad scary. Ah well.

Capture Cards

I first got a Pinnacle StudioDV capture card, a consumer level card. It sucked, so I sent it back and got a DV200 card. It was much better, and I was quite pleased at first. Premiere (the program to edit the once on the computer) was crashing a lot, though. Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t get it to not crash consistently. It was acceptable though if I was careful. Then, I tried to export the video from the computer back on to the camcorder. It didn’t work. I spent hours and hours trying to get it work. I made 4 or 5 calls to tech support. The end conclusion (more of less) was that my motherboard wasn’t compatible with the capture card, and I wouldn’t be able to export unless I got a new one (a new motherboard that is :/). That put me over the edge, and prompted me to send the card back. So, I’m without a card now. That means you probably shouldn’t expect to many media updates right now. Chewbacca.