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I ran across an article or two talking about caffeine. It says that caffeine is added to soda (or pop as I call it) purely to create an addiction that keeps people drinking. Soda makers claim it’s added for flavor, which the study says is what cigarette makers used to say about nicotine. Anyway, my interest was peaked as I read it, as I do drink about a pop a day. But when I was done reading, I didn’t think too much of it. Today, I had a root beer soda pop. Towards the end of the day I was really anxious and unable to focus. I looked at the can, and it was caffeine free. “Egads!?” I thought, “Could I be hooked on caffeine?” So, I’ve decided to lay off of Captain Caffeine for a while; perhaps you should too? He’s a bastard anyway.


I won an eBay auction by a seller from Berlin (that’s in Germany for you geniuses). It said he ships internationally, and it was a good auction. So, I bid and won. The whole auction description was in German. Now I got an email from him in German telling me what to do. I know about 4 words in German. Can anyone tell me what this means?


du hast von mir das 13 Hip Hop CD Paket ersteigert. prima!

bitte überweise die 41.-DM auf folgendes konto:


sofort nach eingang des geldes werden die cds als unfreies paket versandt.

bitte sende mir deine adresse per e-mail!

gruss [name]

I hope he speaks a little English…

Speak Forth

He does speak English!