IE5.5 Update

Recently, if you start up a version of IE earlier than 5.5 (well version 5.0x at least, I can’t say about anything earlier than that), it will display a page telling you there’s a new version available and asking if you want to upgrade to it. Now, it wouldn’t bother me too much, except I keep getting calls and people asking me if they should upgrade. All it’s doing is confusing these people. I would personally never recommend upgrading to 5.5 at this point. I’ve had bad experiences, I’ve heard other bad experiences, I’ve heard of compatibility issues, and I haven’t heard anyone say they’re happy they did it. The chances are you won’t even notice a difference (except perhaps the amount of extra time you have to wait for it to start). So, if you’re reading this and you were going to ask me what to do, then I just saved you the trouble.

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