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Holding Doors

We’ve all come across this situation. You’re about 10 paces ahead of a person as you approach a door. It’s the kind of door that you push open. Now, if you push the door open and continue on your way, it will be closing just as they reach it. It’s basically smacking into their hands as they push it open. That doesn’t seem very nice does it? If you hold the door open, it may seem a little odd. They’re just far enough behind you that you have to stand there for an unnaturally long amount of time holding the door. The person, and anyone else watching, knows that you’ve gone out of your way to hold the door, which can be awkward in some situations. Which do you choose? I often opt for the “slide-thru”, whereby I quickly push the door open just enough to slide my body through (it doesn’t look as strange as it may sound). That gives the door enough time to close completely before the person gets to it, eliminating the slam-into-their-hands effect.
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