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State Tourney Videos

Just for those that are visiting here looking for information for the TTT State Tourney Videos, you are at the right place. I’ll post more information about it soon.
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This site is oddly fascinating. I cringe at most of the stuff, but still continue to look through it. Some of it’s quite graphic though, so be prepared. (Body Modification Ezine)
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They should know that you’re not supposed to go against nature by letting pigs fly. This is what happens when you do:

According to the airline, “Charlotte” slept for most of the flight. But as the plane landed, the animal went hog-wild and started squealing, tried to get into the cockpit and charged through the cabin discharging feces as it went. The animal then squealed and fussed through the airport.

Source: CNN
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You’re Dumb

I think I’ve seen these questions somewhere before, but they’re kind of neat. It’s just 4 ‘easy’ questions. I got 2 of the 4 right. It “tells whether you are qualified to be a ‘professional'”, whatever that means.

Mental Capacity Test

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Option #7

This is funny. It comes from Martin.

National Discount Brokers
1. dial 1-800-888-3999 (it’s free)
2. listen to all of the options
3. after hearing #7, hit 7

Every company should have an option #7.

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Halloween 2000

May it go down in history. It’s the first halloween that I didn’t go trick or treating. I think 21 is the magic age where people should stop. On another note, there was a halloween party on Friday. I’ll put some pictures or something up somewhere soon. I went naked. It was fun.
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