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Important Notice

I don’t completely understand this thing I got from my bank recently. It says:


Effective December 1, 2000 your current Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Agreement and Disclosures are amended as follows:

You agree that the card will not be used for any purpose that would be in violation of the law.

Please retain this amendment with your EFT Agreement & Disclosure.

Umm…? So apparently before this amendment, I didn’t need to agree that the card wouldn’t be used illegally? I could get the card and then give it to someone with the intention of it being used illegally? Now tell me what you think.

IE 6.0 Preview

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 Public Preview is out if you’re interested. I am both intrigued by and scared of it. The temptation is strong, but I believe my desire to maintain a stable computer is stronger. Now tell me what you think.


First, a warning: This game is addictive. You most likely will play it too much. You may in fact hurt your arm as I did. But man is it worth it!

The name of the game is Bridgebuilder.

“Bridge Builder is a strategy game where you design and test bridges. An advanced physics engine allows you to build many different types of bridges. Its a very unique and entertaining game.

Or in my words: The object is to build different bridges that are structurally sound enough to carry a train over gaps of varying width and depth. You get to watch the bridge strain and sway under the weight as the train crosses. Each “beam” that you add to the bridge costs money, and you’re limited by a budget. Anyway, enough talk. Go get it. Now!

On a side note, Wojo and I had a contest the other night to see who could build bridges for different levels that would get the train across successfully using the least amount of money. Any of you think you can beat our best efforts? Now tell me what you think.

Hand Pain

The heel bone in my right hand (that one on the underside of your hand below your pinky before your arm) has been hurting lately. I think I smacked it on something a while ago. What’s bad about it is my hand rests on that bone quite a bit while I’m using a mouse, and it hurts. It’s getting better, but it still sucks. That pain also made me remember that I sometimes get an aching pain on the top of my right forearm, which led me to reading about Computer Related Repetitive Strain Injury and what the author’s done to fix his problems. I also ran across some nice ideas for correct monitor placement. Although I don’t think my monitor will fit on my desk like that. Perhaps if I cut a hole in it and suspend the monitor with a harness? Now tell me what you think.

Napster BAD!

Itís been a few weeks since Napster has been filtering over half of the MP3ís on their network, and to be honest, I could care less. There are dozens of alterative networks out there, and even ways to get around the Napster filtering (by obfuscating the song titles, or by using Pig Latin like Aimster does). What I want to know is what you use, and why?

Oh, and I want to share the latest funny Napster movie circulating out there while we are on topic, I think you’ll agree that we all need to help the recording industry make some more money… *cough* *cough*. Now tell me what you think.


Yup. It was clear today that spring (or this for you cultured folk) is truely almost upon us. The air was warm and the desire to get my car out was stronger than ever. It’s just a matter of time until we’re swerving around animals frantically running across the street and avoiding (and inevitably scraping) bird crap off of everything. I can’t wait. Now tell me what you think.


Dammit. My web hoster is starting to piss me off. I called once a while ago to try to get the time fixed. I called and told the support guy that it was 8 minutes fast. The guy was just a total dick about it. He kept asking me how I could so sure it was wrong. I told him I checked it against my clock at work and at home, I called time, people have told me, etc. He said he didn’t think it was wrong and there was nothing he could do about it. I called support today again for something else and then decided to ask about the time again. The first guy I talked to said he was checking it. He then came back and said the time was correct, even though it read 10 minutes ahead of my computer’s clock. I hesitantly took his word for it. I them checked the official US time to be sure. I was right; he was wrong. So I called back. I got a different guy this time. I told him the whole situation. He said he checked the time on my server before I even gave him my domain name. The time he gave me was 5 minutes BEHIND the time the other guy gave me. How could the time on my server have gone backwards?? Ergh. I guess the time on the west coast is just 10 minutes ahead of the east coast. And apparently is not just ahead, but also faster, as the gap seems to be increasing. Now tell me what you think.


Are you sick of those ICQ ads yet? They didn’t bother me for the most part until they were recently added to the bottom of the message windows. Those kind of get on my nerves. Below I’ve adapted the directions found at this site for removing the ads:

  1. Run regedit (or some other better registry editor if you have it) and set the value of Auto Update, most likely found in HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMirabilisICQDefaultPrefs, to “No”
  2. Delete icqateima32.dll, icqateimg32.dll, and icqateres.dll from your ICQ folder (this removes parts of the advertisement functionality)
  3. Download this ICQCore.dll, rename the ICQCore.dll located in your ICQ folder to something else in case you want to restore it for some reason, and then copy the downloaded version into your ICQ folder. This ICQCore.dll was modified by me per the specifications on the site linked above. You could just as well do the changes yourself if you’re so inclined

If you make these changes, it should remove the ads and prevent ICQ from updating itself with more ads, etc. without letting you know. Hope that helps someone. Now tell me what you think.

UPDATE: Okay, I should have mentioned 2 other things. First, make sure ICQ is NOT running when you do all these things. Second, to get rid of that ICQ SMS banner at the top of your ICQ window, just do this: Open Program FilesICQPartnerspartner.xml in a text editor, remove all text from it, save and close it, then mark it as read-only (right-click->properties->check the read-only box).

All Your Base Is Getting Old

I do realize that by talking about it, I’m only fueling the fire that I wish would go out, but regardless, All Your Base is getting old if you ask me. From forums to web sites, from magazine articles to newspaper comics. You can buy t-shirts and other assorted things or download the emulator and game. There just so much of it out there; it’s out of control. If you ask me, the funniest thing to come out of all the shenanigans is the original dubbed intro movie clip that started everything (which, strangely enough, I posted about before I knew what it was, and I apparently was fond of the wrong phrase). What is interesting, though, is the history of it’s rise to stardom. Now tell me what you think.

Your Cell Phone

My cell phone is a Motorola i1000plus. I had a conversation with someone (you know who you are) about cell phones the other day. I mentioned that my phone causes inteference with tvs, monitors, speakers, anything electrical within a few feet when I’m talking on the phone. It’s kind of scary. One time I was talking on a cordless phone with one ear, and my cell phone with the other ear. I could hear the interference from the cell straight through my head in the cordless. When I’m in my car, I can hear the interference in the back speakers when I’m talking on the phone. He then mentioned that he heard that Nextel phones give off some of the highest radiation of all cell phones. I had no reason to not believe him, and the excessive interference only strengthened the claim.

Well, today I decided to check. Not only does my phone not have near the highest, but it actually gives the 10th lowest (of those listed) amount of radiation. This is where I found the listings. They list nearly every cell phone from the past 2 years, along with places to find some more info. So go find out how fast that tumor in your head is growing. Now tell me what you think.