Archive for March 1st, 2001


Oops, I forgot. The forum still works, but doesn’t look pretty yet. But It’s late, and I’m tired, so that’ll happen tomorrow. Cheers. Now tell me what you think.


You probably notice the new layout. You like? It’s MUCH faster than the last one. And this one doesn’t break Netscape. Yay? I’ve also added an archive for the splash pages. The link is on the right. Also, in the spirit of archives, I’m trying to gather together the previous layouts (remember the chicken? 🙂 so people can take a look at them. Right now, I just have the last layout (the one that just got replaced). Everything else should function basically the same. Oh wait, we also have a new member! None other than Wojo, the evil one that tries to keep my up all night with his insane ramblings. Hopefully, he’ll have something interesting to post about :). There’s also g.pig if you wanna count him. He’ll be babbling once in a while probably, also. Okay, that’s it for now. Now tell me what you think.


Heya folks. I’m g.pig, and I’m an allstar rapper. I rap with the best as I’m sure you’ll all attest. Now tell me what you think.