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3000 Miles to Graceland

3000 Miles to Graceland sucks. Hands down. The first 20-30 minutes have some redeeming value, but not nearly enough to compensate for the crap that is the rest of the movie. There is a gross overuse of “jerky” (for lack of a better word) camera work (which seems to be popular among action films recently.. you know what I’m talking about). It becomes quite annoying. The gun fights are incredibly fake (although sometimes neat to watch). Your dog could write the story. The relationship that forms between Russell and Cox upsets me because the hardened criminal and the whore (sorry) “fall in love” in about 2 days and end up living happily ever after (or so we’re led to believe.. I like to believe she runs away after a week). The movie could have been at least decent if most things after the first 30 minutes were done differently/better. Oh well, some movies suck so you can appreciate the good ones.

This cracks me up though. About half way down the page, there’s a review of the movie (dated 27 February 2001 by Queequegfilms) who says, among other things, “overall this is one of the most fully fleshed, well rounded films I have seen in quite a while” (it’s predictable, contrived, typical, boring, stupid, too long) and “the budding, and slowly blossoming love between Cox and [Russell]” (come on!! slowly?? it was 2 days!) and “This film on the whole becomes the first film in quite some time that I know I will see multiple times in the theater, and one that I am sure I will eventually know all the words to” (that would really be a waste of time) and to sum up his ignorance: “I loved it.” Actually, I think he has a crush on Costner or something. He is constantly living him up (and he even bashes Russell at the same time). Dumbass. Now tell me what you think.