Archive for March 5th, 2001

Molecule What?

Arsole? Moronic Acid? Uranate? Cummingtonite? WTF? Now tell me what you think.

Computers Are Always Right

You have to remember that computers are always right. I was changing the script that displays the newest, most active, and most recent posts over in the right column. I made the changes to the code. Everything seemed to be running fine, but I kept getting the wrong results no matter what I did. It was REALLY frustrating. I was debugging it for probably an hour when it finally dawned on me that those were the correct results. Oops. I then apologized profusely to my computer for the repeated verbal thrashings I was giving it. It felt better after I gave it some candy.

And if you’re curious, those links now check the news and life posts forums (instead of just general). I did that mainly so I could conveniently tell when someone replied to a post. Now tell me what you think.