Are you sick of those ICQ ads yet? They didn’t bother me for the most part until they were recently added to the bottom of the message windows. Those kind of get on my nerves. Below I’ve adapted the directions found at this site for removing the ads:

  1. Run regedit (or some other better registry editor if you have it) and set the value of Auto Update, most likely found in HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMirabilisICQDefaultPrefs, to “No”
  2. Delete icqateima32.dll, icqateimg32.dll, and icqateres.dll from your ICQ folder (this removes parts of the advertisement functionality)
  3. Download this ICQCore.dll, rename the ICQCore.dll located in your ICQ folder to something else in case you want to restore it for some reason, and then copy the downloaded version into your ICQ folder. This ICQCore.dll was modified by me per the specifications on the site linked above. You could just as well do the changes yourself if you’re so inclined

If you make these changes, it should remove the ads and prevent ICQ from updating itself with more ads, etc. without letting you know. Hope that helps someone. Now tell me what you think.

UPDATE: Okay, I should have mentioned 2 other things. First, make sure ICQ is NOT running when you do all these things. Second, to get rid of that ICQ SMS banner at the top of your ICQ window, just do this: Open Program FilesICQPartnerspartner.xml in a text editor, remove all text from it, save and close it, then mark it as read-only (right-click->properties->check the read-only box).

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