Dammit. My web hoster is starting to piss me off. I called once a while ago to try to get the time fixed. I called and told the support guy that it was 8 minutes fast. The guy was just a total dick about it. He kept asking me how I could so sure it was wrong. I told him I checked it against my clock at work and at home, I called time, people have told me, etc. He said he didn’t think it was wrong and there was nothing he could do about it. I called support today again for something else and then decided to ask about the time again. The first guy I talked to said he was checking it. He then came back and said the time was correct, even though it read 10 minutes ahead of my computer’s clock. I hesitantly took his word for it. I them checked the official US time to be sure. I was right; he was wrong. So I called back. I got a different guy this time. I told him the whole situation. He said he checked the time on my server before I even gave him my domain name. The time he gave me was 5 minutes BEHIND the time the other guy gave me. How could the time on my server have gone backwards?? Ergh. I guess the time on the west coast is just 10 minutes ahead of the east coast. And apparently is not just ahead, but also faster, as the gap seems to be increasing. Now tell me what you think.

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