First, a warning: This game is addictive. You most likely will play it too much. You may in fact hurt your arm as I did. But man is it worth it!

The name of the game is Bridgebuilder.

“Bridge Builder is a strategy game where you design and test bridges. An advanced physics engine allows you to build many different types of bridges. Its a very unique and entertaining game.

Or in my words: The object is to build different bridges that are structurally sound enough to carry a train over gaps of varying width and depth. You get to watch the bridge strain and sway under the weight as the train crosses. Each “beam” that you add to the bridge costs money, and you’re limited by a budget. Anyway, enough talk. Go get it. Now!

On a side note, Wojo and I had a contest the other night to see who could build bridges for different levels that would get the train across successfully using the least amount of money. Any of you think you can beat our best efforts? Now tell me what you think.

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