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Movie Listings

I made a little script to make finding a movie to see a bit easier. It provides the current day’s listings for movies in Fenton, Flint and Burton. You can find it here for now. Where on the site should I put the link to it though? I’m not sure. Maybe under the links menu? Now tell me what you think.

Teeth (con’t)

Awwww.. here’s some pictures of my babies. It turns out getting my teeth out wasn’t too bad at all. By the morning after, my mouth wasn’t hurting much at all. The worst part is remembering the cracking sound and pressure as the teeth were pushed and pulled and yanked. Thinking about it is worse than I remember it actually being. I’m curious about something. He had some tool that he pushed on the tooth with. He pushed until the tooth was torn from the roots and then pulled it out with pliers. How does that first tool stay on the tooth? Could it ever slip off and jab through a cheek or tongue or something? Anyway, what can I do with 4 bloody teeth? Now tell me what you think.


My mouth hurts. Ache. I just got my wisdom teeth yanked out. More about that later though, I’m tired. Sleep now. Now tell me what you think.


Since there is no broadband availability in my area, I’m forced to use dial-up. I have, however, achieved a personal dial-up record: I’ve stayed connected continuously with no disconnects for over 3 days and 2 hours (over 74 hours) and counting. Here’s proof if you don’t believe me. This is the longest for me; can anyone beat it? Now tell me what you think.


I’m not sure how this actually happens, but the University of North Carolina physically “lost” one of their network servers, and after four years, found it fully operational located in a wall. Here is a snippet from the Techweb article explaining the incident:

Try as they might, university administrators couldn’t find the server. Working with Novell Inc., IT workers tracked it down by meticulously following cable until they literally ran into a wall. The server had been mistakenly sealed behind drywall by maintenance workers.

Please tell me this didn’t happen by accident. Now tell me what you think.


I ordered pizza online for the first time about 10 minutes ago. So exciting! It would have been a tad more exciting to have it delivered also, but I’m driving right by the place on my way home, so it’s just as easy to pick it up. Time to go get it! Now tell me what you think.

Site’s Back

The site is back up. It was down for the majority of the day today. Apparently, my account was disabled because I had mp3s on the server. It seems the administrator just did a search for mp3s and disabled any accounts with them. After a quick call saying that they weren’t illegal, the site’s back up. I just need to send a letter saying that any mp3s I keep there are not copyrighted, which makes sense. They need to cover their ass just like anyone. And this guy I talked to was MUCH more friendly and knowledgable than the other people I’ve talked to. But he’s the manager, so he should be. Now tell me what you think.


Ordering fast food is a lot like playing the lottery. The odds are very much against you, but if you’re somehow able to order one of the very few items that they’re out of (or close enough to being out that your order can’t be filled) AND they don’t notice they’re out of it until after you order and pay, then you’ve won! You get free stuff! I won today. I’m a winner. When was the last time you won something? Now tell me what you think.


So it’s a Tuesday night, I’m sitting around the house… kind of bored and all… so I decide to build a one atmosphere plasmoid (ball lightning, a plasma ball, all in your microwave!). I haven’t been able to get the artificial plasma ball stable yet, but I’m very close. Mine lasts for about a second, and makes a very loud ‘buzz’ and bright flash using two Pyrex bowls. Know where I can get a near perfect glass sphere? Now tell me what you think.

Photoshop Update

There’s an update available for Photoshop, taking it to version 6.0.1. There’s quite a few good improvements. If you use Photoshop, you should definitely pick it up. Now tell me what you think.