Archive for April 4th, 2001


Ordering fast food is a lot like playing the lottery. The odds are very much against you, but if you’re somehow able to order one of the very few items that they’re out of (or close enough to being out that your order can’t be filled) AND they don’t notice they’re out of it until after you order and pay, then you’ve won! You get free stuff! I won today. I’m a winner. When was the last time you won something? Now tell me what you think.


So it’s a Tuesday night, I’m sitting around the house… kind of bored and all… so I decide to build a one atmosphere plasmoid (ball lightning, a plasma ball, all in your microwave!). I haven’t been able to get the artificial plasma ball stable yet, but I’m very close. Mine lasts for about a second, and makes a very loud ‘buzz’ and bright flash using two Pyrex bowls. Know where I can get a near perfect glass sphere? Now tell me what you think.