Archive for April 6th, 2001


I ordered pizza online for the first time about 10 minutes ago. So exciting! It would have been a tad more exciting to have it delivered also, but I’m driving right by the place on my way home, so it’s just as easy to pick it up. Time to go get it! Now tell me what you think.

Site’s Back

The site is back up. It was down for the majority of the day today. Apparently, my account was disabled because I had mp3s on the server. It seems the administrator just did a search for mp3s and disabled any accounts with them. After a quick call saying that they weren’t illegal, the site’s back up. I just need to send a letter saying that any mp3s I keep there are not copyrighted, which makes sense. They need to cover their ass just like anyone. And this guy I talked to was MUCH more friendly and knowledgable than the other people I’ve talked to. But he’s the manager, so he should be. Now tell me what you think.