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Circus Peanuts

The movie listings script was messed up. And I could have actually used it today. My mobile phone just recently got internet access, which is where I got the idea for a page of today’s movie listings. What’s better than movie listings, descriptions and ratings at my fingertips, 24 hours a day? But today I wanted to check when a movie was on, so I pull out my phone, go to the url, and BAM! it doesn’t work  :(. Oh well, at least it’s fixed now.

This is kind of funny. And this sign confuses me. Well, not the words, but what the heck are the words written on? Some hideous pink sign with vague shapes in it? Or is it just digitally edited? These pictures came from Wojo coincidentally enough :).
Now tell me what you think.

The site was down for many, many hours Monday night and Tuesday morning. It was down for a bit the other day also. And there were some configuration problems the other day also (the big CGIWRAP error messages if you saw them). I think they need to give me some compensation for the down time. According to my calculation, I lost at least $237,000 in sales. They will pay. Now tell me what you think.