It may seem like I’m complaining a lot lately, but that’s because there’s good reason to complain. You already know about my host’s downtime recently. I know they transferred or are transferring the site to a new server. Whatever they’re doing, they’re not doing it very well. Now it seems a bunch of data was lost. Everything that was done Thursday afternoon (and morning?) was lost. Some changes I made to files and a bunch of forum posts are gone. It seems like the site was restored from a backup that was done this morning or yesterday. As much as I dislike the hassle of moving the site, they are getting close to crossing the line. Especially if they don’t compensate me somehow. They definitely owe me (and you, the users) something, even if only a very good explanation, although probably something more. Now tell me what you think.

Update: Damn. I just realized even more than that was lost. Everything from before 3pm today is gone. Yesterday afternoon and evening are gone. Good thing I didn’t do a lot of work on the site during that time. It just screwed the forum up more than anything. Ridiculous.

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